About Us


AutomaticBuilder, developed by Art and Rob Phelps, is the culmination of their 30 years of experience in both online and offline marketing.

AutomaticBuilder is dedicated to helping business owners, as well as non-business owners, regardless of their experience or available resources, grow an online business and increase their income.
In 1996 they began to bring their business building tools and marketing systems online, utilizing the power of the internet to help more people make even more money, faster and easier.

Aside from Internet Marketing, Art and Rob Phelps have been Advisory Board members in 3 separate companies helping those companies develop many of their online marketing strategies.

AutomaticBuilder's  highly experienced team of consultants are experts in direct selling, online marketing, training, video, advertising, lead generation, high-tech, and Internet fields and are responsible for generating over 36 million in sales for three separate companies.