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This URL Rotator Script has been designed to be powerful and useful, but at the same time be easy to learn and use.
In fact, there are only two simple terms you need to understand before you can begin rotating your own URLs: Portal URLs, and Destination URLs.

Portal URL Destination URL
This is the URL you advertise. When accessed by a web browser it will redirect the browser to one of the Destination URLs assigned to it. This is a URL that you want the visitor to eventually see. When you add a Destination URL to this system you will assign it to a Portal URL. You can have as many Destination URLs inside a Portal URL as you need.


Jim is an affiliate of Flowers.com, FreeFlowers.com, and FreshFlowers.com and instead of advertising each of them separately he would like to advertise a single URL and have the visitor traffic divided among each affiliate site. Jim decides to use a URL Rotator to do the traffic splitting.

He has access to the URL Rotator Script which has been installed at http://www.automaticbuilder.com/url/
The affiliate URLs that he wants to redirect to will be his Destination URLs and are:
  • http://www.flowers.com/?r=jim
  • http://www.quickflowers.com/?affilid=123
  • http://www.freshflowers.com/?ref=jimmy123
He may add some more URLs later, and this will be no problem.

Here are the steps Jim takes:
  1. Jim logs in to the URL Rotator System
  2. He adds a new Portal URL and calls it "flowers"
  3. He takes a note of the link for his Portal URL: http://www.automaticbuilder.com/url/rotator.php?/jim_flowers
  4. Next he adds a new Destination URL that goes to "http://www.flowers.com/?r=jim" and assigns it to the "flowers" Portal URL.
  5. He repeats the previous step for the other two affiliate URLs
  6. Jim logs off and starts using his new URL!
It really is that easy.

Later Jim can log back in and see how many hits his links have received. He can also add/edit/delete any of his Portal and Destination URLs.

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