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Marketing with Classified Ads
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We were introduced to this industry through a Classified Advertisement.  We saw an Ad in the Newspaper, called it and were invited to a meeting to learn more about the business opportunity.

Our Sponsors ran Ads to expand their warm market and introduce the opportunity to people they didn’t know….Yet.  From there they began the relationship building process; they were warm, friendly and professional… good guys.

Their downline network included their friends, family and the people they met through advertising.

We saw what was working for them, they were successful, earning in excess of $50,000 per month, and we naturally duplicated everything that they were doing.  We shared the business with our friends, family, our network and we began to expand our network by running Classified Ads as well.

Our goal was to have the initial commissions we made on signups come close to paying for the ad, this way we were basically building our downline for free, or close to it.  We never object to investing a little to make a lot long term.

We consistently invested in our business, made a long term commitment and we too had success.  We learned what to say in the ad, what to say when we spoke to people, and how to follow up with people.

The more we did, the better we got.  Our success was not overnight, but over time.  The ways to share the business certainly have changed over the last 2 decades; from one-on-one coffee shop get togethers and hotel meetings to online videos and webinars, but the fundamentals are the same, meet people, have fun, share the opportunity.

Classified Ads can be an effective way to meet people who are looking for an opportunity; they work if you work them.
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