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Retail Displays can be a great way to spread the word about the amazing NeriumAD product.  You can place them in Hair and Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, Gyms, Health Spa’s, Massage, Chiropractors, Dermatologists, Aestheticians, Health Food Stores, anywhere!

If you have a good quality printer you can print our jpg flyers yourself or you can download them to a disc and bring them to a nearby Staples or office/printer who can make up high resolution flyers for you.

Staples may have the Plastic displays or you can order them online.  We have done a little research and found a website called
displaysandholders.com which seems to have the best pricing for the Displays.
Spread the Word Using Retail Displays

You can place your business cards in these Plastic Display holders or you can enroll the Salon Owner and they can place their cards there along with a link to their

Nerium Opportunity/Product Website

or their Nerium Products website www.userid.neriumproducts.com

There is no mention of the Opportunity on your Nerium Products website.

When approaching Business Owners with a display they immediately see how they can generate sales of the products for themselves. Consider Retail Displays as another tool in your toolbox as a way to approach more people about the Nerium Products and Opportunity.

Another way to enable Business Owners to see the income potential for the opportunity is to give them a copy of Nerium's Simple Compensation Plan to review. Click Here to download the comp plan PDF.
Download the jpg or pdf Image to use in creating your own flyers:
Download jpg

Download pdf
Download jpg

Download pdf
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